Guide to Choosing the Best Floorball Ball: Importance of IFF Certification

FLOORBALL BALL IFF Certification: Not all floorball balls are created equal. The International Floorball Federation (IFF) certification serves as a testament to the ball’s quality. Without this certificate, the ball cannot be used in official floorball competitions. Therefore, if you’re aiming to compete, investing in a ball with this certification is paramount.

Key Features of the Ideal Floorball Ball:

Weight and Size: The optimal weight for a floorball ball is 23g, paired with a diameter of 72mm. This combination ensures a balanced gameplay, allowing for precise passes and swift shots.

Quality & Safety: By opting for an IFF certified ball, you’re not just ensuring compliance with competition standards, but you’re also investing in a quality and safe product. With a ball made in the EU, you can expect a product that meets the highest manufacturing and safety standards.

Teflon Welding Technology: One of the standout features of the top-quality ball is the Teflon welding technology. This innovative approach guarantees a weld that’s at least 20% stronger than typical welding methods. The result? A longer ball life, ensuring you get more bang for your buck!

In conclusion, if floorball is your passion, settling for just any ball won’t suffice. A ball with its IFF certification, made with impeccable European craftsmanship and enhanced with Teflon welding technology, is your best bet for an unparalleled playing experience. Whether you’re training, practicing, or competing, always choose quality.