Floorball Goal Post Singapore

Floorball Goal Post

Floorball goal post comes in 2 sizes. 60cm x 90cm & 160cm x 115cm.

60cm x 90cm Floorball Goal Post (Non-IFF)

This is not the official match size goal post. It is used for training and leisure play. This smaller size goal is commonly used for 3-on-3 Floorball game where no goalie is involved.

Floorball goal 60x90
Floorball Goal Post 60x90cm.
Salming X3m Goal Post.
Salming X3M Campus Foldable goal 60x90cm

160cm x 115cm Floorball Goal Post (Non-IFF)

This is the official match size goal post. 115cm (h) x 160cm (w) x 60cm (d). It is made of pipe shape iron (65mm) backed with netting and painted in red. Goal posts used in sanction competitions must be IFF-certified. Non IFF-certified goal post is usually lower in cost and commonly used for school PE & CCA training purpose only.

At Floorballplay, we do not stock goal posts at our retail store. We take pre-order of floorball goal posts and delivery time is within 07 working days. Contact us for the latest pricing of these goals.